Arnold, Harvey Dalton

North Carolina native Harvey Dalton Arnold plays guitar, electric and acoustic, and sings the blues. Formerly a member of southern-rock band The Outlaws, Arnold has performed at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, and shared the stage with the legendary Rolling Stones at Anaheim Stadium. R.A. Fountain is by no means the largest or most well-known venue he has played and we feel lucky to have had him here in November of 2013.
Arnold released a solo album in 2020 titled Stories to Live Up To. Having quit school at 17 to play rock and roll on the road, Arnold likely has quite a few memorable stories, some of which influenced the songs he wrote for this album. Before releasing Stories to Live Up To, he released Outlaw, his first solo album, in 2016. Stories to Live Up To can be purchased here and Outlaw can be purchased here.



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Charlotte Grimes

May, 2021