Kenny Stinson & Perfect Tym’n

Kentucky based bluegrass and traditional band Kenny Stinson & Perfect Tym’n performed at R.A. Fountain on June 10, 2017. Fronted by Kenny Stinson (mandolin, vocals), the rest of the band is made up of Kenny’s wife Ronda Stinson (vocals), Lennie Centers (guitar, vocals), Kenny and Ronda’s son Gavin Stinson (bass), and Rusty Ferrell (banjo). Ted Lehmann of No Depression said Stinson & Perfect Tym’n “present a picture of a hard-working, blue collar band who earn their fee every time they play”. Known for playing unfailingly energetic and exciting shows, Bluegrass Today wrote of the band, “Perfect Tym’n is sure to please music lovers of all kinds. They will leave you on the edge of your seat and when it’s over wanting more.”
Kenny Stinson has been playing music and performing for over thirty years, beginning as a Southern gospel singer and later joining Jimmy Martin’s ban as a bass player and baritone.
In 2016, the band released an album titled Raggedy Ann.

Read a 2023 Bluegrass Today update.

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Charlotte Grimes

May, 2021