Marty Silverthorne bibliography

a work-in-progress
This bibliography is a work-in-progress, both in content & arrangement

Books & chapbooks

Dry Skin Messiah, St. Andrews Press, Laurinburg, NC , 1985.
Rejected Poems and Others that Will Be
. Privately printed. 1988.
Christmas on Cream. Privately printed. 1989.
No Good Will: Poems by Marty Siilverthorne & Morrison Myers. Privately printed. 1990.
Sounds from the Circle.
Privately printed. 1990.
Planted to This Earth. Privately printed. 1992.
October Roses, A Hymn. Privately printed. 1993.
Second Servings, Private printing, 1996.
Pot Liquor Promises, Persephone Press, Whispering, NC , 1997.
No Welfare, No Pension Plan, Rank Stranger Press, Mount Olive, NC, 2006.
Rewinding at 40, Pudding House Publications, Columbus, OH, 2009.
Holy Ghosts of Whiskey, Sable Books, Greensboro, NC 2015.
Naming The Scars, Longleaf Press, Methodist Univ., Fayetteville, NC , 2017.     
The Collected Poems. Laurinburg, NC. St. Andrews College Press, 2021.

The privately published collections listed above are housed in the Mike Hamer Papers in ECU’s Special Collections in Joyner Library. 

Individual poems

Poems published in the North Carolina Literary Review, which may be read individually by going through NCLR’s webpage, which will direct you to a library server such as Proquest.
 “2-East at Midnight,” 2008, 167 print
“Ain’t Gonna Turn Out to Be Nothing,” 2011, 177 print
“Curse of Uncle Johnny,” 2018, 154 print
“How We Got Out Names,” 2015 online, 122 poetry
“Love Letters and Wedding Dress Ashes,” 2018 online, 76 poetry 
“Monarch,” 2020, 182 poetry  
“Roots in the Bible,” 2016 online, 28 poetry
“Shape Notes,” 2009, 171 poetry 
“We Could Call This Church,” 2016, 197 poetry

–Alex Albright
January 8, 2022

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