Thomsen, Laurel

Triple talented vocalist, violinist, and violist Laurel Thomsen played R.A Fountain on November 7, 2013 with duet partner Dan Frechette.  Based in Canada, Thomsen also hosts the Violin Geek Podcast and teaches violin, viola, and fiddle lessons to students of all skill levels.  She is praised not only for her technical skill, but also for the emotion she is able to convey in her music and performances.

Classically trained, she has been performing with a variety of musical groups since 1998, including the two groups Sweetfire and Bright Side Band which she co-founded.  She began performing with Canadian songwriter and musician Dan Frechette in 2013 as the duo Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen.

Thomsen’s full discography can be viewed and albums purchased here.
Her YouTube channel.

“About Laurel Thomsen.” Laurel Thomsen, Read it.  

Charlotte Grimes, April 2021


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