East Carolina Pickopedia

a compendium of who's picked, sung, and danced at Fountain General Store, 2004-2020

East Carolina Is Full of Talent!
In our 16-year history of hosting live music at RAF, one thing has become abundantly clear: lots of talent resides around here, and there’s a whole lot more out on the road looking for a place where an audience will appreciate what they play.

In the process, a number of nationally touring acts have stopped by to pick at Fountain General Store, and we’ve attracted a fair number of performers from other parts of the world, too.

Trying to categorize these performers in a meaningful way was difficult, but what we landed on is a breakdown of who’s played RAF that’s organized primarily by place of origin: regional, for example, means simply they’re from ’round here–the Carolinas and Virginia–not that many of our best haven’t earned their own national and international reputations and audiences.

We’ve already listed virtually every act that’s played here–none have been intentionally omitted. And we’re still building the descriptive pages associated with these acts as well as our list of individual performers, and are glad for additions, corrections, or updates to our Pickopedia. Send electronic photos, set lists, and promotional material to alex@rafountain.com. Comprehensive band histories would also be helpful; authors will be credited.

Our Pickopedia has been compiled using data that’s also reflected in our calendar of events, which can be searched back to our opening in November 2014. Many of the subsequent performances are described, most often with detail from our publicity at the time of the performance. 

As a Pickopedia bonus, we’re pleased to present Donna Davis’ musician profiles, published weekly in the Daily Reflector on Sundays. Donna has written about several acts that have played RAF and others we hope one day to host, once we’re able to do such things again. But while we’re staying in these days, she’s done a great job of reminding us of how musicians have persevered during our pandemic days.