An old report on R.L. Jefferson & Bros., Gen Mdse.

R.L. Jefferson & Bros.

Published in the Farmville Enterprise, June 8, 1917, page 6.

by A. Frank Eason

General Merchandise. An Old and Well Established Mercantile Firm.

Nearly all communities have within their midst inherent elements of progressive prosperity in the shape of business houses which, by sheer merit, integrity, and proven reliability, stand as the beacon lights of commercial life, and by their high standards occupy unassailable positions in the business world. Such an establishment is the store of R.L. Jefferson & Brothers at Fountain. This firm has been in business here for more than fourteen years, and by careful attention to the details of their business, and making a study of the wants and requirements of their customers, they have built-up and maintained a reputation throughout this and the surrounding country, that is surpassed by none and equaled by few, for honesty and square dealing.

In this store will be found a full and complete stock of general merchandise, suitable to the needs of the community which it serves, and this stock has been selected with the most discriminating forethought and care, with an eye single to satisfying its patrons and filling their wants and requirements. With these admirable methods in vogue, no wonder the store has a large patronage among the people of Pitt and the adjacent counties. The people trade here with a feeling of security and the knowledge that they will get a square deal and courteous and considerate treatment at all times. The stock is large and comprehensive, and its approximate value is $12,000.00. A business of $60,000 per annum is done by the concern, who, in addition to the general merchandise business are dealers in fertilizers and buyers of cotton on a large scale, and this already large business is expanding and growing all the time.

The proprietors of this establishment are Messrs. R.L. and G.W. Jefferson, brothers, natives of Pitt County and members of one of its most influential families. [J.W. is not listed here.]

R.L. Jefferson, the senior member of the firm, is one of the leading citizens of the town and county. He is, at present, serving efficiently on the Board of Town commissioners, is a director in the Bank of Fountain, [and] interested in various other local enterprises.

G.W. Jefferson, in addition to his mercantile interests, operates a cotton gin with a capacity of 1100 bales, and has large farming interests in the county. He is also Vice President of the Bank of Fountain.

All the members at the firm of R.L. Jefferson and Brothers are live, progressive, public-spirited men. All are engaged in farming besides their other interests, and all are deeply interested in the welfare of the town and county, whose progress and prosperity they have been so largely instrumental in building up and are striving so earnestly to maintain and promote. The firm, and its individual members are real community builders, and have been of inestimable value to the town of Fountain and the county of Pitt.