Fountain Presbyterian Church

Fountain Presbyterian Church has been proclaiming Good News
to our community since 1912.

Fountain Presbyterian Church
5851 E. Lang Street  (old address: 310 E. Lang St.)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 456
Fountain, NC 27829
Phone elder Alex Albright 252.749.7974  

For those who missed Dr. Earl Trevathan’s remarks at our July worship service, you can read the text here. Earl ad-libbed a bit, and we had hoped to capture the whole day on Zoom, but that didn’t work out.

We are inactive again, hoping to return with a 4th Sunday service in November.

Fountain Presbyterian Church is also on Facebook.

For a special blessing, Watch Roland Suggs perform “The Tide of Life” at Fountain Presbyterian Church on July 17, 2016. 

Offerings to our church may be made by mailing a check to Fountain Presbyterian Church
PO Box 456
Fountain NC 27829
via internet at this link.
Please note that you’ll have to register for an account, which is a simple process with instructions available once you get to the “donation” page.

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Fountain Presbyterian Church’s website is maintained by Alex Albright as a part of the website for Fountain General Store. Its Facebook page is maintained by Elizabeth Albright. 

–September 17, 2023