Marty Silverthorne Day Redux

Location: R.A. Fountain

Help us celebrate the publication by St. Andrews Press of Marty Silverthorne‘s Collected Poems.

The 10:30 a.m. program will feature readings of some of Marty’s poems, selected from the new collection, by his family. Also on the program will be North Carolina’s Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green, former Poets Laureate Shelby Stephenson and Joseph Bathanti, and the new collection’s editors, Marsha White Warren and Malaika King Albrecht. It’ll be over before lunch.

Come early for coffee & biscuits, the coffee from Lanoca, of course, and the Bojangle’s BoBerry biscuits in memory of one of Marty’s poems.

Bring your own lunch, or let us know that you’d like barbecue before May 19 ($10).

Copies of The Collected Poems of Marty Silverthorne will be available at the event, or may be purchased here.

• • •

Bojangles Biscuit, by Marty Silverthorne

Somebody ate a Bojangles biscuit
the morning Mama died, charged it
to her credit card. Mama had been
eating mush for the last few days
and would have loved another
Bo-Berry biscuit, but December
and death crawled up on her,
shut her eyes down, stole that blue
hope we had all clung to. Some
bastard somewhere, stole my mama’s
credit card, charged a Bojangles
biscuit the morning she died.


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