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Works, by Linda Adele Goodine


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Cover image titled “Plantation, 2018-2019”

This is a beautiful book published in conjunction with Linda Adele Goodine’s 2019-20 art show “The Blue Jackal Under the Tree” at the Greenville Museum of Art. Although it cannot replicate the density and textures of the actual show, with its floor-to-ceiling printed fabrics, soundscapes, and 3-screen multi-media production, it captures much of its visual and cultural appeal.

     It also includes catalogs for two other more traditional photography shows, “Beeline Highway, Florida,” and Gibson Lemon, New Zealand,” both with introductions by Linda Bundzen.

Oyster Shuckers, 2018-2019, from “Blue Jackal under the Tree”

PublisherGreenville Museum of Art
Publication Date2019
Edition1st ed., cloth
No. of Pages122
No. of Photographs87