Unknown Tongues

Location: R.A. Fountain

From our promo for this concert:

The Unknown Tongues are a popular attraction at festivals and dances throughout the region. They will perform at the Spring Shakori Hills music festival in a couple of weeks.

Although its members all live around the fishing community of Gloucester, in eastern NC, the Tongues perform Cajun music with an authentic spirit and passion.

Led by the husband-wife team of Barbara and Brian Blake, the Tongues also annually host a large family-style Mardi Gras party. “They know very well what it takes to entertain for a family event,” said Alex Albright, Fountain General proprietor, “and they also know how to get folks up and dancing.”

Barbara Blake plays rub board, guitar, bass, and sings; Brian plays fiddle, pedal steel guitar, guitar, accordion, and sings.

They are joined in the band by Todd Humphreys on bass and vocals and Tom Parker on drums.

Barbara Blake is also the author of two books about the menhaden fishing industry: “Fish Factory” and “Fish House Opera” with Susan West; Brian owns and operates Blake Boatworks.

The Unknown Tongues have released two CDs. 

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[This is the show where Myrtle Wooten greeted the band by asking Barbara if last time it wasn’t her younger sister who sang?  She then got hold of Barbara’s washboard and wouldn’t let it go. . . ]


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