Stifftones with Chet Nichols opening

Location: R.A. Fountain

The Stifftones stop by RAF as part of their life-on-the-road tour that’s brought them to Wilson several times before, where they met up with Chet Nichols, one of our favorite singer-songwriters from when we were getting started with promoting live music 20 years ago. We’re glad to have Chet back for a show, as opening act.

Originally from Greenville, Ilinois, the Stifftones are two middle-aged empty nesters who have run away and joined the circus. Rachel was a registered nurse for 20 years and together they helped raise five daughters. 

Once the kids moved out and the world changed, Shaun and Rachel decided it was time for big changes for themselves too.  Being Gen X’ers, they grew up on Sesame Street, nuclear drills, and Saturday Night live. Inspired by their youth, they gave away everything they owned, bought a hearse, loaded up the dogs and decided to put the American dream to the test. 

For the last four years they have been living and touring in their 1996 Cadillac hearse named Tania, criss-crossing the country for over 100,000 miles, performing hundreds of shows in almost as many cities.  They have been from coast to coast, north to south, bringing their rock and roll devival circus with them, spreading joy and growing their family along the way.

Currently in the process of finishing their debut album, Folie a Deux, with a planned release date of May 4 at Charleez Hill in Lebanon, Maine, the Stifftones are touring the South and Southeast for the winter. Their single “These Times” will be released shortly before their Fountain show.

Elm City’s Chet Nchols doesn’t do a lot of solo shows these days, performing most often with his band, the Repeat Offenders. 

The Stifftones’ home on the road stops by RAF March 1.

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