Steve Creech Septet with Dirk Lumbard

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

From Broadway to Main Street

R.A. Fountain returns from a summer break from weekend concerts in a big way this coming weekend. Dirk Lumbard, just off a national touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, will be featured with the Steve Creech Dixieland All-Stars Friday night at R.A. Fountain.

“He’s the first performer we’ve hosted who’s also played Broadway,” said proprietor Alex Albright. “But as it turns out, it’s not such a long distance from Broadway to Fountain when you’re coming by way of Old Sparta.” [See below for a correction.]

Over 60 seats have already been pre-sold for this show.

Lumbard, who has re-located from New York City to the Old Sparta community in Edgecombe County, sings and tap dances. He has six Broadway runs, dating from 1979 – 2005, on his impressive resume.

RAF proprietor Alex Albright said that Greenville guitarist and jazz impresario Steve Creech will have another stellar combo with him: Tom Smith on trombone and vocals, Jimmy Aycock on keyboards, Les Sutorious on trumpet and vocals, Jon Wacker on drums, George Knott on acoustic bass, and Bob Tyson on clarinet and saxophones.

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From the September 24, 2009 FAD:

Dirk Lumbard Was 2nd Performer to Play Fountain & Broadway, Red Clay Ramblers Our Unforgettable First

The Red Clay Ramblers’ June 23, 2007 concert was the first time an act that had played Broadway also played RAF.

That “unforgettable” performance was temporarily forgotten during the composition of last week’s FAD, an error in fact that Rambler Bland Simpson graciously pointed out.

The Ramblers were so good on Broadway that they garnered a Tony Award nomination in 1982 for Best Broadway Musical for “Pump Boys & Dinettes.”

Simpson and Rambler Don Dixon will be joined by Jamie Hoover, substituting for Jim Wann, for a long “King Mackeral & the Blues Are Running” set at the conclusion of this weekend’s Eastern NC Literary Homecoming. Their free performance, in ECU’s Mendenhall Student Center, begins at 5:00 p.m.

Earlier in the day, Simpson and Dixon will discuss how they create lyrics out of visual phenomena such as pier fishing and hurricanes. No registration spaces are left for that event.

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