Steve Creech Jazz All-Stars

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

[Fountain, NC] The Steve Creech Dixieland All-Stars celebrate Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras all in one big show at Fountain General Store this coming Saturday night.

Creech, the Greenville guitarist and bandleader, will be joined in his all-star band by Les Sutorius on trumpet, Tommy Smith on trombone, Bobby Harrison on drums, and George Knott on bass and tuba. As usual with Creech shows, this one will also feature several special guest performers.

It’s an unusual convergence to have Valentine’s Day occur so close to Mardi Gras, which is Tuesday, February 17. “If we were in New Orleans, we’d be calling this a Samedi Gras celebration,” said Alex Albright, Fountain General Store proprietor.

Albright, like trombonist Smith, is a former New Orleans resident. “We’ll have plenty of beads,” he said, “and some king cake, too.”

Smith performed with the Pete Fountain band while he lived in New Orleans and has also played with the Dorsey Brothers and the Platters. 

Sutorious, a former high school All-American bandsman, is one of the best trumpet players in East Carolina. The versatile and multi-talented Knott, who lives in Raleigh, also fronts his own big band, the Atomic Rhythm All-Stars. Harrison played drums for Frank Sinatra, Jr. in Las Vegas for many years, before retiring to the Triangle area.

“Steve always has a terrific band with him when he plays Fountain,” said Albright. “This is an exceptionally good one that’ll make you realize how rich and talented the East Carolina jazz scene really is.”

The evening’s set list will include a mix of love songs and traditional Dixieland jazz classics.



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