Steve Creech Dixieland Allstars

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

This will be a tough seat to get, unless it’s bought early: their debut here in September was one of the best shows we’ve had the pleasure to host in our four years of operation.

The Original Steve Creech Dixieland All-Stars was a big hit when it performed in Fountain for the first time in September. Guitarist and bandleader Creech has assembled a true band of all-stars, featuring Tom Smith, who played trombone for the legendary Pete Fountain for four years, Les Sutorious on trumpet, and Jimmy Aycock on keyboards.

Sutorious, a New York native, is also the leader of the Cypress Landing Dixieland Jazz Band. Aycock, from Fremont, is a Fountain favorite from Creech shows as well as his own solo Sunday afternoon concerts.

Also performing in this version of Creech’s All-Stars: Bob Tyson on clarinet and saxophone; Tony Moseley on acoustic bass; and Earle Abernethey on drums. Guest performers will include Sarah Lang on violin and vocals and Lilly James on vocals.

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