Steve Creech Dixieland All-Stars

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

The Steve Creech Dixieland All-Stars return to R.A. Fountain for a Saturday night “Samedi Gras” concert.

Creech, the Greenville guitarist and jazz impresario, has assembled another all-star aggregation for his Fountain show, which will feature Jimmy Aycock on keyboards, George Broussard on trombone, and Les Sutorious on trumpet.

Saturday night’s show will also feature a special guest performance by Men ‘n a Chord.

“Steve’s last show, at Christmas, was standing room only,” said RAF proprietor Alex Albright. “We suggest very early arrival if you’re not reserving for this one. And we ought to have plenty of beads.”

Joining Broussard and Sutorious in Saturday night’s horn section is Erik Ruud on clarinet, sax, and bassoon. Tony Moseley will play acoustic bass, and Jon Wacker will be on drums.

Saturday night’s show will include jazz standards as well as two full sets of Dixieland classics.

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