Steve Creech Christmas Special

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

[Fountain, NC] The Steve Creech Christmas show at Fountain General Store tomorrow night features Broadway performer Dirk Lumbard and vocalist Carolyn Greene Myers.

Creech, the Greenville jazz guitarist and impresario, has been presenting Christmas special concerts at Fountain for ten years. This year’s show also features Les Sutorious on trumpet and vocals and Stephan Pryor on acoustic bass.

Dirk Lumbard has several Broadway and national touring cast credits to his name. Since re-settling to the Edgecombe County community of Old Sparta, he has established himself as a regional song and dance star. He also teaches tap dance privately and at ECU.

“Dirk’s a terrific and charming performer,” said Alex Albright, Fountain General Store proprietor. “He loves the percussive sound he gets from our old wooden floors and steel beams. To have Carolyn along too will make this one of the best Christmas shows we’ve had. And as usual with Steve’s shows, there’ll be some special guest performers.”

Myers, a Greenville native, was for 22 years supervisor of music education for the Chesapeake public schools. She began her career teaching choral music at D.H. Conley High School. Since “retiring” to Greenville, she has also joined the faculty at ECU’s School of Music, where she earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees. She was the School of Music’s 2011 Distinguished Alumnae. 

Also in the Creech All-Stars tonight will be bassist Stephen Pryor.


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