Staber & Chasnoff

Location: R.A. Fountain

We caught our favorite duet migrating northward for this mid-week show.

From our promo for this show:

Staber and Chasnoff are based out of upstate New York and are making their 4th appearance at RAF. Dick Staber played mandolin for Del McCoury, 1969-75; for Don Stover, 1977-78; and Bob Paisley, 1979-81. He has released 3 CDs on Rounder Records.

His wife, Judith Chasnoff, was originally interested in folk music in the Joan Baez style. Together, Staber and Chasnoff have independently released 3 CDs.

Staber and Chasanoff winter in Florida annually; this is their 4th annual stopover in Fountain on one leg of that migration.

Tags: acoustic Americana, bluegrass, Concert, folk, old-tme, original, tradtional bluegrass