Shelby & Linda Stephenson + Back Yard

Location: R.A. Fountain

Another Hank Williams tribute show, with a terrific opening act.

from our promo for this event

Backyard, a big band of local guitarists and singers who play country, gospel, and old-time rock and roll, has been performing in the area for about 10 years. The boys take turns singing their favorites and backing each other up. Lead guitarists and vocalists are Freddy Wainwright, from Farmville, and Stan Harrington, from Winterville. Also singing will be Michael Rhodes, from Farmville; guitarists James Stocks and Howard Stallings, from Maury; guitarists Jack Weathersby and Doug Barnes, from Winterville; and Kevin Pledger on bass, from New Bern.

Tags: bluegrass gospel, classic, country, folk rock, honky-tonk, tradtional bluegrass