Shanon Baker & Sometime Soon

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

Shannon Baker and Sometime Soon returns to Fountain General Store this Friday evening for a concert of traditional bluegrass and country music.

Baker, from Elm City, has been singing since she was 5. She previously played Fountain with the Classic Stepbacks.

Her new band, Sometime Soon, still features banjo player John Dudley; Brent Wiggins on guitar and mandolin; and Ronnie Parrish on bass.

John Dudley, from eastern Mississippi, has also performed at Fountain General Store with Damascus Ridge and the Hey Brothers. 

Brent Wiggins, a Wilson County native, has been playing guitar since he was 13. He also plays violin, piano, and pipe organ. 

Eastern North Carolina native Ronnie Parrish has performed with Whitewater Run, Emerald City Grass, Nancy Joyner and Early Station, Cold River, and Sapony Creek. 

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