Samantha Casey & the Bluegrass Jam

Location: R.A. Fountain

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Samantha Casey and the Bluegrass Jam Saturday Night with Special Guest Roby Huffman

[Fountain, NC] Samantha Casey and the Bluegrass Jam with special guest Roby Huffman play original and traditional bluegrass and bluegrass gospel at Fountain General Store on Saturday night.

Samantha Casey and the Bluegrass Jam features the 15-year-old Casey on fiddle and vocals. Her dad, Daniel, plays banjo. Dell Tims is on bass, and Jeff Huffman, guitar. Huffman’s father, Roby Huffman, will be featured on several songs in both sets. 

Casey and the Jam have recently released their third CD, “Casey’s Fair,” which was praised in the current issue of Bluegrass Unlimited for the band’s skills in both arrangements and vocals: “Another young band to be on the watch for.”

Roby Huffman, who fronts his own band, the Cut-ups, was an international bluegrass star during the 1960s-90s. Although his traveling is limited these days, he continues to enjoy performing at Fountain and at the occasional bluegrass festival not far from his Smithfield home. 

“You really can’t find a better bluegrass show anywhere than this one,” said Alex Albright, Fountain General Store proprietor. “Samantha has always been a terrific fiddler and now she’s really developed her vocals. Daniel and Jeff are two of the best pickers in bluegrass, and Roby’s like the godfather of East Carolina bluegrass. He has that high, lonesome voice that many identify as a hallmark of traditional bluegrass.”

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