@ Risk

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

@ Risk is a quintet of ECU professors who have re-kindled the garage-band interests of their youth. They perform classic rock and on Friday night will present a concert of British invasion covers of hits by the Kinks, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and others.

“”It’s a fun band,” said Alex Albright, Fountain General proprietor. “Knowing that they’re all college profs gives their cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ an ironic kind of edge, too.”

Although the band members have all adopted stage names, they are easily recognizable in concert as professors of history and psychology. Don P plays guitar and sings; Dr. K plays keyboards and harmonica; Aaron the Baron plays guitar and sings; the Sexdoctor plays drums and sings; the Magic Christian plays bass and percussion and sings.

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