Piney Woods Boys

Location: R.A. Fountain

Celebrating the occasion of Doc Watson’s 100th birthday, the Piney Woods Boys bring us the music of the Watson family of Watauga County. Members of the band—Jim Collier, Wayne Martin, Matt Haney and Margaret Martin–have a longtime musical connection with the extended family and community of Doc Watson. For this special concert, the band goes beyond flatpicking to showcase the family’s love of ballads and hymns as well as the beautiful fiddle tunes of Gaither Carlton, Doc’s father-in-law. 

The Piney Woods Boys put this show together as part of a Doc Watson celebration that will also feature the Kruger Brothers at the A.J. Fletcher Opera Theater in Raleigh on March 3–already a sell out.  That show is part of Pinecone’s 2023 Down Home concert series, and this link tells a lot more about the Piney Woods’ connections with Watson.

This is another show you’ll likely not see anywhere again: don’t miss it!


Tags: acoustic Americana, Appalachian, guitar, old-time