Location: R.A. Fountain

Nu-Blu is fronted by the husband-wife duo of Carolyn and Daniel Routh, who share singing lead and harmony. She plays bass and and he plays guitar and arranges.

This is one of the best bluegrass bands we’ve hosted, and we’re lucky they’ve added Williamston native Justin Harrison to their lineup, hence this show in Justin’s home country. A Morehead State graduate in bluegrass studies, he’s playing mandolin and fiddle, and he’s also the son of local bluegrass picking legend Frankie Harrison. Justin began playing RAF as a youngster, first on fiddle and later on mandolin, usually as a guest with one of his father’s bands.

Bluegrass Today writes, “Nu-Blu is known for merging a driving bluegrass sound with more contemporary material, and performing in venues and before audiences new to the music.” 


This is one of those shows we’d likely never get to present without such a solid local connection as having Justin in the band, and we look forward to hosting another homecoming, of sorts, for him and Frankie, and their friends and family, including Justin’s bride, Morgan Rice.

Carolyn and Daniel have been performing together since 2003. They were married soon after the release of their debut CD and as Nu-Blu have subsequently released seven CDs.


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