Near Myths

Location: R.A. Fountain

Our promo for this show:

The Near Myths return on Saturday night to present a concert of original and classic folk and American roots music. The band has recorded one CD, Wilson, which features on its a cover a photo of them standing amidst Vollis Simpson whirligigs. 

The Near Myths include Katy Adams of Greensboro on acoustic 12-string guitar; Jim Clark of Wilson on acoustic guitar, banjo, pennywhistle, and harmonica; Andy Oglesby of Greensboro on acoustic and electric guitar; and Terry “Teep” Phillips on acoustic 6- and 12-string guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, bass, drums, hairy drum, and rattlesnake rattle. All share vocals.

Two bandmates, Canadians Ben and Bernadette Greene, will not be part of the Fountain performance, which begins at 7:30 on April 29. Admission is $5.

Tags: acoustic Carolina, Americana, Appalachian, Concert, original