Nancy & Tammy Dail & Country Roads

Location: R.A. Fountain

From our promo for this concert:

The mother-daughter duo of Nancy and Tammy Dail live in Raleigh. They team up with the Bowie Martin-led Country Roads Band  to present a show and concert as memorable for its dynamic theatrics as for its excellent musicianship and singing.

They primarily perform covers of contemporary and classic country songs, said Alex Albright, store proprietor.: “They’ve added some originals to their repertoire, and they mix in some country covers of several rock and roll standards.”

Joining Bowie Martin, who plays steel guitar, are Ronnie King on lead guitar, Ken Dawson on drums; John Ackerman on keyboards; and bassist Billy Bass. King and Bass also sing some lead and harmony, but for the most part, it’s the ladies’ show.

Martin, a local legend as a musician, band leader and supporter of live music in the region, says he likes playing Fountain General Store “because it keeps us honest.” At the many club and private party dates the band plays, patrons are dancing and enjoying the evening, he added. “In Fountain, everybody’s listening to you play, so it keeps you sharp.”

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