Michela Musolino

Location: R.A. Fountain

Michela is in North Carolina for performances with Fabio Turchetti,  at Wake Forest University on September 21st and at the Raleigh Festa Italiana on September 24th. We’re lucky to have them stop by for a Fountain concert in between those gigs, for a high energy show of Sicilian and Southern Italian song and dance.

In 2017, Michela launched the duo Metalli Sonant with Turchetti. Inspired by the ancestral sounds of Grecian, Roman, Arabian and Byzantine Sicily, they toured throughout Italy and the US, performing along the way with Alberto Venturini,  Luca Congedo, Michele Piccione, Roberto Catalano and Chris Garcia, and Angelo Morabito, performing in venues such as the 12th century Norman Castello in Salemi, Sicily; the Biblioteca Statale, Cremona, Italy; Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA; the Jalopy Theatre, Brooklyn; and Bar Thalia at Symphony Space. On the hottest day of the summer of 2019, Michela and Fabio recorded North Beach Stories  in Cremona, Italy, with noted jazz musicians Fabrizio Trulli and Gianni Satta. North Beach Stories is a musical tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, inspired by  Ferlinghetti’s Coney Island of the  Mind and a visit his City Lights bookstore during on of Metalli Sonanti’s concert tours through the Bay Area.

Tags: Concert, folk, world music