Lipbone Redding

Location: R.A. Fountain

Our promo for this show:

This 4-day run of music in Fountain begins on Wednesday night with a homecoming concert by Lipbone Redding, who bills himself as a “one-man orchestra, singer, songwriter, world-traveler, and storyteller.”

A native of Greenville, where he was known as Lawrence V. Behr, II, Redding performs more than 200 shows a year for audiences in South America, Europe, Asia, and along the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

Currently a resident of New York City, he performs most Sunday nights at the Anyway Cafe in Manhattan.

His music has been featured on the new F/X prime time television series Starved.

Redding’s dynamic performances have been likened to performance art. He fuses his songs and tales of world travels with vocal trumpeting and tromboning, beat-boxing, and other wild mouth noises which approximate synthesizers and electronica.


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