Lipbone, Jim & Alice

Location: R.A. Fountain

Three old friends put on another of those “you-shoulda-been-here” kinds of shows: Lipbone Redding, Alice Zincone, & Jim Roberts.

from our promo for this event

Tonight’s program of original folk and Americana soul and funk promises to be one of the highlights of our holiday season. 

Lipbone and Alice both grew up in Greenville but their musical journeys have taken them on divergent paths.

He sings and plays guitar and also accompanies himself on the mouth-horn–which is really his own voice made to sound like a trumpet. He got his start busking at subway stations in New York City and has since performed throughout the U.S. and South America, releasing 8 CDs along the way.

Alice, who sings and plays upright bass, stayed closer to home, performing in several regionally popular ensembles before joining up with Tommy Edwards and Rick Lafleur to form the bluegrass band Carolina Lightnin’.

Percussionist Jim Roberts most recently has been playing with the critically acclaimed world music trio Craicdown. He lives in Durham, where he teaches percussion and works as a music producer and promoter.

Tags: acoustic Americana, eclectic, folk, original