Lipbone, Alice & Jim

Location: R.A. Fountain

from our promo for this concert

[Fountain, NC] Lipbone Redding returns to Fountain General Store this coming Saturday night for a concert  of original bluesy, Latin-infused music, accompanied by his long-time friends Alice Zincone and Jim Roberts.

This special concert brings together three musicians with Greenville roots whose musical history of playing together goes back to the 1990s: Redding and Zincone grew up together in Greenville, although he’s a Conley grad and she a Rampant; Roberts studied at ECU’s School of Music. He and Zincone, also an ECU grad, stay active in the Triangle music scene in several ensembles, while Redding has made Greenville his home base after a couple of decades of working out of New York City.

Redding’s songs are often about the many places world-wide where he’s performed, and they are delivered in a style that’s also heavily influenced by jazz, funk, South Asian and Indian music.

“Lipbone’s songs are smartly written narratives delivered in an engaging style,” said Alex Albright, Fountain General Store’s proprietor. “He also plays a wicked trombone with just his lips, which of course is how he got his name.”

Redding has released 8 CDs since launching his musical career in the subways of New York in 1998. He performs over 200 shows a year world-wide. “We’re fortunate to have him living so close by,” said Albright. “Otherwise, we’d never get a show like this in Fountain.”

Zincone is known regionally for her beautiful singing voice, most often on display with the several bluegrass ensembles she performs with. The daughter of Greenville bluegrass legend Buddy Zincone, she plays acoustic bass and also sings harmony. Roberts, who also teaches percussion from his Durham studio, gets driving percussive sounds out of anything he touches and adds harmony vocals as well.

“Reserved seats will be a good idea for this one,” added Albright.

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