Jennifer Licko

Location: R.A. Fountain

Licko, a Swansboro native and ECU graduate, spent several years living in Ireland and Scotland, studying traditional music and dance, before returning to eastern North Carolina to live. She has released 4 recordings and performs her Celtic and Irish material throughout the southeast.

Licko has been a popular performer in Fountain, but for the first time she will bring along a fiddler and percussionist.

Fiddler Jennifer Barnes, a Greenville resident, was influenced as a child by the bluegrass fiddle and has studied violin to further her musicianship. Licko reports that she still plays mostly by ear, and that her tone is “pure and unspoiled.”

David Vinciguerra, of Goldsboro, is a “tasteful percussionist,” Licko says, “who has a talent for enhancing the music by knowing just when and what to play.”

“Jennifer always puts on a beautiful show,” said Alex Albright, Fountain General Store proprietor. “Her voice really transforms this old building and makes it seems like you could be sitting in a centuries-old cathedral.”

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