Dan Frechette

Location: R.A. Fountain

From our promo for this show:

Dan Frechette’s first time through Fountain, over a year ago, attracted an enthusiastic crowd. He has composed over 1,300 songs.

He performs original folk tunes with a unique style and passion that made folks practically demand his return, said Albright. His performances are a mix of original songs in bluegrass, Celtic, country, ragtime, and country blues stylings.

Frechette will be in town a night early, added Albright, to attend the Don Helms tribute to Hank Williams, presented by the Malpass Brothers: “Dan’s agent called and wanted to know if it was true that Helms would be here–he couldn’t believe his great fortune to be able to meet Mr. Don and hear him play.”

The Helms/Malpass Brothers show on Wednesday night is the result of Helms’ fond memories of his first visit to Fountain, over a year ago, with his wife, Hazel. “He’s been wanting to return,” Albright said, “but his health has only recently gotten to the point where he can travel again.”

Helms’ steel guitar virtually defined the Hank Williams sound, and he has also performed on recordings by over 40 other members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. In concert with Chris Malpass, he has performed his Williams tribute all over the United States.

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