Black Creek + Bluegrass Redemption

Location: R.A. Fountain

Black Creek Bluegrass Gospel, named for the creek that runs through its members Johnston County backyards, is another of the region’s most popular bluegrass gospel groups. Their performances are also their Christian ministry, so patrons, Albright noted, “might expect a bit of testifying along with some really fine bluegrass-style picking.”

Members are Craig Allen, who plays guitar, banjo, and dobro, and the husband-wife duo of Scott and Tracie Rhodes Johnson. Scott plays mandolin and guitar; Tracie plays bass.

“It’s hard to believe they can get so much sound out of just three players,” said Albright. “Craig and Scott are as fast and articulate as any pickers who come through here, and Tracie has one of the prettiest, purest voices that we’ve heard.”

Also appearing with Black Creek will be Bluegrass Redemption, performing in memory of their late singer/guitarist Johnnie Batchelor. Batchelor’s daughters Brooke and Lindsay will perform, along with Keith Gaster on guitar and banjo and Skylar Smith on bass.

Black Creek’s debut recording, Highway to Heaven, was selected as CD of the month for January ’07 on the internet-based Old Time Christian Radio Network.

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