Bill Redding’s St. Patrick’s Celebration

Location: R.A. Fountain

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Bill Redding returns to Fountain for his 10th annual St. Patrick’s concert this Saturday night.

Redding was performing an annual concert to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for friends in Fountain for five years before Fountain General Store opened in October 2004.

Redding will be joined by Mike Hamer on hammered dulcimer, harmonica, and vocals, and Nathan Maxwell on viola.

“Bill’s got a beautiful tenor voice that’s perfect for these Irish and Scottish songs,” said Alex Albright, RAF proprietor. “And he knows all the verses to those long traditional ballads.”

Redding was one of ten children raised in Clarence, New York. His banjo-playing dad loved his Irish heritage and its music. “He played his Irish records all the time,” Redding said, “and we’d all sing along.”

Redding retired last year after a 26-year career as a nurse practitioner at ECU’s medical school. He continues his work with Habitat for Humanity, which he began in 1990, having helped build nearly 50 houses.

Tags: Celtic / Irish, folk