Big Street m.p

Location: R.A. Fountain

Big sound from a big band from Sweden, who played a mix of acoustic pop, smooth jazz, west coast music, and soul. Most of the bandsmen had studied at the University of Music in Gothenburg, and they had among themselves a variety of other musical outlets.

Big Street boasts 17 musicians, from which a core of 5 made this trip.

Tobias Hedlund, percussion, was studying vibraphone, piano, and percussion at the University of Music. He’s received numerous awards for his musicianship and also plays in the folkband Djarv.

Joel Hagen, flute and saxophone, was studying flute at the University of Music, and also plays in Djarv.

Martin Sundstrom, bass, was working as a free lancer and with his own jazz quintet as well.

Viktor Olofsson, guitar and vocals, was studying guitar at the University of Music. He was also freelancing with several Swedish bands bands and also teaching guitar.

Kristian Selan, guitar and vocals, was a graduate of the University of Music in guitar. He has his own record company and was the main force behind organizing Big Street and this tour. He also was working as a freelancer and had previously toured the U.S. a couple of times before.

The first part of the show was a beautiful performance of Swedish folk tunes.

Tags: big band, jazz, popular, Swedish folk