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Visions in the Brainmire

Adam Schonbrun (see all by)


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Adam Schonbrun taught English at ECU for a few years before moving to Israel.

from the Israeli Association of Writers in English bibliography of Schonbrun’s works

John Balaban wrote: “Schonbrun has the visionary poet’s sense of a world whose small beauties can appear everywhere, anytime, in sudden revelation. The poems are filled with lurches of love, rapture, and lunatic wisdom – moments when the heavy backpacks of our conniving selves are dropped and we feel weightless. His skill as a poet comes in fashioning poems that open up to others these revelations, insights, and riffs of feeling.”

Preface by Milton Kessler. 

Published 1993 by Cashflow Publications. 500 copies. (Out of print.)

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Adam moved to Greenville from State College, Pennsylvania in the early 1990s to teach English at ECU. We became friends over beer, basketball, poetry and horseshoes (Phillip Gerard and I, the creative nonfictionists, whipped him and his fellow poet John Balaban at ‘shoes in our Harding Street backyard after John’s reading at ECU, and before John showed me how to play a basic three-chord blues progression on our piano), and I survived one memorable road trip with him to New York. After ECU, he moved to Israel and we never saw him again ’round here but would hear occasionally about his growing family and adventures. I wound up with a box of his personal photos I’d love to get to someone who might appreciate them.

AuthorAdam Schonbrun
PublisherCashflow Publications
Publication Date1993
Editiontrade pb