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Rainy Day

George Higgs (see all by)



Tarboro’s George Higgs played RAF several times to enthusiastic audiences, a couple of times along with his three daughters. This Music Maker-produced CD includes 19 songs.

1. Wholesale Dealin’ Poppa
2. Stop Hanging Around
3. Rainy Day
4. She’s Gone but not Forgotten
5. I Can’t Live Happy
6. I Remember
7. Coming Back
8. I Feel Superstitious
9. Easy Riding Buggy
10. Mean Old Lonesome Blues
11. My Friend
12. Highway 49
13. One Kind Favor
14. Flat Foot Suzie
15. You Don’t Want Me Baby
16. Move On
17. Diddy Wa Diddy
18. Blues Came Falling Down
19. Bogey Street