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Pitch a Boogie Woogie soundtrack

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Pitch a Boogie Woogie soundtrack recording
recorded  by Lord-Warner Pictures, Greenville NC 1947
restored soundtrack by American Film Institute, Washington, DC, 1986
7″ 33 rpm vinyl recording
published by AudioArts, Greenville, NC 1987

Soundtrack band The Rhythm Vets, from Greensboro, NC, was comprised of World War II Navy band veterans who were students at or graduates of North Carolina A&T, including featured singer Tabu Mike. Other vocalists: Evelyn Whorton from the Brown Skin Models, who had joined up with Winstead’s Mighty Minstrels, from Fayetteville, NC, on a tour of week-long stands in the tobacco counties of eastern North Carolina in 1947–their band had originally been supposed to provide the soundtrack instrumentation; Rosa Burrell from Winstead’s Mighty Minstrels; and locals Joe Little and Esther Mae Porteur, from Greenville, NC.

To get the full effect of the soundtrack, though, by watching the various dancers, watch the featurette “Pitch a Boogie,” which is contained within a 1988 UNC-TV documentary about its making, restoration, and re-premiere.