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Good Country People: An Irregular Journal of the Cultures of Eastern North Carolina

Arthur M. Kaye (see all by), NC Wesleyan College Press (see all by)

Condition: New



This companion to Arthur Mann Kaye’s collection of essays, The Coastal Plains, was one of NC Wesleyan College Press’s last titles. It includes Tom Patterson’s essay on Mrs. Way’s Museum in Belhaven, NC; Milton Quigless’s extraordinary memoir of his two weeks spent on the Rabbit’s Foot Minstrels in 1922; and Alex Albright’s essay on Silas Green from New Orleans and Winstead’s Mighty Minstrels. Also lots of previously unpublished photos from African-American traveling vaudeville shows.

AuthorArthur M. Kaye, NC Wesleyan College Press
PublisherNC Wesleyan College Press
Publication Date1995
Editionpaperback 1st edition
DistributorR.A. Fountain
EditorArthur Mann Kaye
No. of Pages134