Ken Waldman – 2 workshops

Four Writing Prompts: Beginning Four New Stories or Poems
Ken Waldman
1-3 p.m. Four Writing Prompts: Beginning Four New Stories or Poems

The more you write the luckier you get–and each time you start a piece, there’s an opportunity to get luckier than ever. The trick, Ken says, is getting started. Here, you’ll not only begin four new pieces but will learn strategies to begin many more. Open to writers of all levels and experience. Feeling stuck? Here’s an antidote. Looking for inspiration? You’ll find some!

In addition to being a fiddler—with 12 CDs—Ken Waldman is a former college professor with an MFA in creative writing from University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has 16 full-length poetry collections, a memoir about his life as a touring artist, a children’s book, a creative writing manual, and a novel. Over 400 of his stories, poems, and essays have appeared in such journals as Beloit Poetry Journal, ECU’s Tar River Poetry, Barton College’s the Crucible, and Poets & Writers Magazine. A long-ago North Carolinian, he’s led writing workshops from Alaska to California, from Florida to Maine. 

Ken will also teach a beginning fiddle class at 3 p.m

A fiddle workshop designed for whoever shows up. Beginner? No problem. Violinist who wants to learn their first old-time fiddle tune, or to at least get an old-time fiddle sound? No problem. Experienced fiddler who wants to learn a new tune, or two, or three? No problem.

Ken Waldman has been playing fiddle for forty years. He has 12 CDs, and in addition to playing traditional old-time fiddle tunes, has recorded over 100 of his originals.