Moonglowers LIVE (1944) & "Pitch a Boogie Woogie" (1947) Soundtrack

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2 vintage recordings: 1944 Navy jazzmen who were members of B-1, the first African Americans to serve in the modern Navy at rank higher than messman, and a soundtrack recording from 1947 of a black cast musical comedy featurette.
Vintage recordings new to contemporary audiences: The Moonglowers are captured in their first live appearance on KGU radio in Honolulu in 1944, and some of the same fellows will wind up playing on the soundtrack to a black cast musical-comedy featurette made in Greenville, NC, in 1947.

The soundtrack recording features the professional recording debut of jazz great Lou Donaldson, whose distinctive style is evident especially in the "grand finale."

Please note that the Moonglowers' recording is scratchy. It was originally made on a V-disc recording that was brought home from Honolulu by B-1 vet Wray Herring, and it was subsequently cleaned up as much as possible at the Southern Historical Collection at UNC-CH.

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