Bluegrass Music Cookbook

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A culinary tribute to the all-American art form.
ISBN 0-89587-162-9. Paperback, 251 pages, 1997. John F. Blair, Publisher, Winston-Salem, NC. Out of print -- eight copies left! Bluegrass fans everywhere know that nobody sang "Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms" better than Lester Flatt, of Flatt and Scruggs, but did you know his peach cobbler is just as delicious as his bluegrass melodies? And that Alison Krauss, one of the brightest young stars in bluegrass, is no slouch in the kitchen either? Her winning corn bread will melt in your mouth, giving new definition to the slogan, "You bake right with Martha White." The Bluegrass Music Cookbook is filled with recipes from all your favorite bluegrass artists -- from the new breed of stars such as Ricky Scaggs and Vince Gill to legends like Ralph Stanley, Doc Watson, Maybelle Carter, and, of course, the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe. In all, more than 180 performers -- a real who's who from every era of bluegrass music -- are represented by the over 375 recipes, each and every one good enough to make your mouth sing. With over 200 photographs, many of them rare, and tons of information on your favorite personalities, The Bluegrass Music Cookbook is a culinary tribute to this all-American art form. To top it off, a portion of the proceeds from the book go to the International Bluegrass Music Association's Bluegrass Trust Fund, which works to provide assistance to bluegrass professionals and their families in times of need. Good music, good food, and a good cause that's a pefect bluegrass recipe.
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