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Old Blue

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The players: Roby Huffman, guitar & vocals; Daniel Casey, banjo; Ray Bridgers, bass; Travis Johnson, guitar; ike Rose, Mandoln, Jeff Huffman, guitar; Lindsay Tims, fiddle; Barbee Huffman, vocals; Johnny Ridge, bass vocals

The songs: 

  1. The Door Is Always Open (unknown)
  2. You’re All Mine (Roby Huffman)
  3. Tennessee Blues (Bobby Charles)
  4. 4. Don’t Tell Me that You don’t Love Me (Roby Huffman)
  5. You Can Have Her (B. Cook)
  6. The Old Cross Roads (Bill Monroe)
  7. She’s No Angel
  8. Old Blue (Roby Huffman)
  9. Take Me in Your Life Boat (F.Southern)
  10. Dixie Land for Me (McPeake & Watkins
  11. Wait a Minute (Herb Pederson & N. Pederson)
  12. Ruby (Cousin Emmy)

Recorded & mixed at Audio Farm Records, Goldsboro, NC, Mike Rose, engineer; produced by Roby Huffman, mixed by the Bluegrass Cutups