6754 E. Wilson St., P. O. Box 44
Fountain, NC 27829
(252) 749-3228

How Our Security Works

R.A. Fountain's e-store runs on an OSCommerce database, an Internet business system used by more than 6,000 on-line stores world-wide. The security scheme we employ is simple, elegant, popular, and safe:

The personal information you type into your order is 128-bit encrypted. When your order hits our server, we receive an email on a password-protected account -- a message containing only half of your credit card number. We then retrieve the rest of your order information on a password-protected administrative web site.

Splitting your personal data into two different communications, delivered via two different, independently secured vehicles, serves to ensure that no one can assemble your information without authorization.

R.A. Fountain's secure server is hosted by Datagroup Technologies (dtiwebdesign.com) of Greenville, NC. If you're thinking of launching your own Internet business, wherever you are, give the web team a call at (252) 329-1382.

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