Page Turners

The Page Turners were an Austin, Texas based roots music band that blended bluegrass, old-time, and classic country music.  They performed at RAF on March 25, 2017. The duo is comprised of Jake Howard (mandolin, guitar, vocals) and Carolyn Kendrick (fiddle, guitar, vocals).

Originally from Boston, Howard and Kendrick met at the Berklee College of Music, where they decided to form a band together. They moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Austin, Texas in October of 2017.  

The band’s name, the Page Turners, came from Howard and Kendrick’s shared love of reading. Both wrote songs for the band, and Kendrick stated in an interview with The Partae that many of the songs she writes are based loosely on books she has read.  According to the interview, she is especially inspired by western novels.

The band won FreshGrass Festival’s Best Duo Award in 2016. In 2017, they released a self-titled debut CD of their original songs. 

To hear some of their music and watch their music videos, visit their YouTube page here.

Carolyn Kendrick [] is now pursuing solo music and in 2020 released her debut EP titled Tear Things Apart. She has her own YouTube channel here []. Kendrick also teaches private fiddle lessons and at fiddle camps around the United States.

Jake Howard now plays mandolin for the Hen House Prowlers [] and West Bound Situation [].

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