Whether we’re in the middle of no where or, as bluegrass impresario Marshall Stephenson used to say, smack dab in the middle of everywhere, Fountain is situated within an easy drive to lots of entertaining destinations. And sure enough, if you’re on your way to Fountain, it’s likely you’ll pass near or through some of these places, and they’d love to have you visit.. Here’s a sort of cheat sheet to get you thinking about  some of the best cultural highlights in our essential ‘burbs.

Farmville, 6 miles away
The Glass Station

Greenville, 20 miles away
Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum, 1840-1940
Greenville Museum of Art
ECU: art abounds on campus, indoors and out. : 

Kinston, 33 miles away
CSN Neuse Museum, an NC Cultural History site, will soon be upgraded with the help of the Smithsonian Institute.

Tarboro, 23 miles away
Blount-Bridgers House & Hobson Pittman Gallery. Goregous old home & period furnishings make this place also an excellent museum, with a special room devoted to Pittman and an upstairs gallery with rotating exhibits.

Rocky Mount, 22 miles away
Imperial Centre, where Freeman Vines’ Hanging Tree Guitars show is currently running.

Wilson, 22 miles away
Oliver Nestus FreemanRound House and African American Museum
Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park and Museum
Eyes on Main Street, currently on display in downtown 24/7, 100 photographs from 100 international photographers. Also recently opened is the American Center for American Photographers, in the same vintage building that houses the Vollis Simpson Museum.

Close by–a little more than 35 miles away

Goldsboro, 43 miles awayScotland Neck, 37 miles away
The Sylvan Heights Wildfowl Center

Washington, 42 miles away
AKA “Little Washington” or “the original,” on a gorgous waterfront where the Tar and Pamlico Rivers meet.
North Carolina Estuarium. Be sure to explore the riverwalk.
     Once you get to Washington, you might as well go on to Bath and beyond to the excellent Pantego Museum.
     What used to be our best regional museum was slightly outside our parameters, but Mrs. Way’s in downtown Belhaven was very much worth the drive. It’s now closed indefinitely, its roof leaking and its collection not all secure.

Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park photo by the American photographer Dave Jordano while enjoying an 2018 Eyes on Main Street residency rin Wilson in 2018.