Carol’s Home Cookin’

Carol's REALLY REALLY GOOD Home Cookin'

5846 West Blount St, Fountain  

Carol’s Home Cookin’ is open Wednesday-Sunday. Excellent hand-patted burgers: cheeseburger with chili, mustard & onions for $3.50.

Although most of her recent business has been take-out, she’s now seating a few patrons at a time, including at a shady picnic table out front.

Daily specials include chicken & pastry on Thursdays. Wood-cooked pit barbecue on Saturdays and sometimes other days. One of the few places you’ll find rutabagas. Fried okra available daily.

Excellent homemade soups, too.

Seafood buffet on Fridays is not your traditional buffet. Instead, Tori or Pat will take your order and it will be prepared fresh, so there’s a bit of a wait. Shrimp, for example, comes fried crispy or regular, or sauted. After a little while, Tori or Pat will come by to see if you’d like another order. And they’ll keep coming back till you’ve said stop. Same holds true for vegetables & fish, flat bread, hush puppies & tea.

Sunday buffet is worth the drive from most anywhere.