Twisted Knot

Twisted Knot

HERE is where we live, work, worship & play.

When a kid on Bourbon Street bets you that he knows where you’ve got them shoes, know that he knows they’re right here, on your feet, where you’re standing.

REM sang it this way: “Stand in the place where you live.”

On these pages, HERE, in Fountain is our little postage stamp of wet and sandy soil, divided: on one side of our main street, rain water runs off to the Tar River, while on the other side, it’s off to the Neuse.

Here, nearby includes our sister towns, Falkland and Farmville. You might have trouble keeping all us F-towns apart until you live here.

Here, within 35 miles, takes in Greenville, Tarboro, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Goldsboro, and Kinston and all the little burgs amongst them: Macclesfield, Crisp, Saratoga, Bethel, Snow Hill, Ayden, Grifton, Hookerton, Maury, Ormondsville, Simpson, Pactolus, Bell Arthur, Walstonburg, Eureka, Jason, Fremont, Stantonsburg, Black Creek, Winterville, Conetoe, Elm City, Pinetops, Bruce, Toddy, Lizzie, Stoke, Princeville, and Sharpsburg.



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