Fred Chappell

I’m one of countless former students whose career has been helped tremendously by Fred’s generosity and initiative. His was the first workshop I took at UNCG, in 1974, an unforgettable spring semester for many reasons and especially for the friends I met there, including Tim Tarkington, John Gray, Mark Smith Soto, and Mary LeDonne.

“‘Friend of Reason’: Surveying the Fred Davis Chappell Papers at Duke University” in Dream Garden: The Poetic Vision of Fred Chappell, Patrick Bizzaro, ed. Baton Rouge, LA, 1997: 221-240.

“Fred Chappell: Exploring Sources,” Circa [newsletter of Pitt County Arts Council], 1983: 4. 
     with two photos by Carlyn Ebert.

scholarly paper
“Private Lives, Public Papers, and Closure: The Fred Davis Chappell Papers at Duke University,” SAMLA, Atlanta, 4 Nov. 1995