A.R. Ammons


The Mule Poems, by A.R. Ammons (editor). Fountain, NC: R.A.Fountain, 2010.

The North Carolina Poems, by A.R. Ammons (editor, with afterword). New and expanded edition. Lexington, KY: Broadstone Books, 2010.

The North Carolina Poems, by A.R. Ammons (editor, with afterword) Rocky Mount, NC: North Carolina Wesleyan College P, 1994.
     Despite bearing identical covers and titles (Broadstone’s edition used Jonathan Greene’s original design–and Jonathan himself–for its “new and expanded edition), these books have different contents and Afterwords.

book chapter

“‘Running to Catch Up: Event Becoming Word’: Ammons, Kerouac, and Their New Romantic Scrolls” in Complexities of Motion: Chaos and Order in A.R. Ammons’s Long Poems, Steven P. Schneider, ed. Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 1999: 83-113.

articles & essays

“‘Cool Control of Syllables.’” rev. of The Complete Poems of A.R. AmmonsTar River Poetry, Spring 2018.

“Ponds and Mudbanks and Ditchbanks, Brierberries, Things of That Kind: A Conversation with A.R. Ammons.” North Carolina Literary Review 1.1 (summer 1992) 46-57.