During most of my 37-year career teaching at ECU, I was evaluated annually in a category called “research & creative activities.” We got more points on our evals for certain publications, and we served under various deans who had individualized expectations: one wanted everything we researched and wrote about to fit on a 3×5″ notecard; one said we should only look at national refereed publications about subjects of major interest within a nationally recognized area of expertise; another liked local (most did not); one liked us to publish in a variety of media while another thought nothing counted but print, and there was an A list and a B list and a C list, more points for an A list pub, of course, so that a few of one might count as one of another.
       Still, ECU was generous in its support of my interests, especially in funding excursions to academic conferences to talk about some the subjects I was writing about. In retirement, I continue enjoying developing several of them, and I especially like finding their intersections.

B-1 vet Huey Lawrence, with his wife, Willa, at B-1’s 2007 reunion at UNC-CH